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Instructions for Grant of two advance increment on passing of Departmental Examination for promotion to next higher grade to Sr. Tax Assistant and Stenographer Grade-I




Manishinath Bhawan

A2/95 Rajourigarden

New Delhi-110027

Cir. No. 2/15-18                                                              Dated: 20th March,2015.

Dear Comrades.

Secretriat Meeting.

The First meeting of the newly elected Secretriat was held at Central Headquarters on 17th March, 2015.  The meeting was chaired by President Com. Ashok Kr. Kanojia.  The following Secretariat members Coms. Babu Thomas, Jageswar Sah and Mahesh Chandra Mishra, informed their inability to attend the Meeting. Com. KP Rajagopal, ex-Secretary General was present on the invitation of the Secretariat.

The meeting reviewed the XXIX All India Conference.  The meeting placed its appreciation and thankfulness to the ITEF,NE Circle for holding the Conference in an excellent manner. The secretariat also decided to ensure the presence of representative from Mumbai Circle in the Secretriat.  The meeting decided to make an appeal to the Mumbai Circle to this effect.  The meeting decided to seek the continuous support and guidance of the outgoing President Com. A.B. Salunkhe and Com. KP Rajagopal in its day to day functioning and also other senior leaders.  The meeting unanimously nominated Com. Ujjal Hore (Bengal) and Com. Ombir Singh (Delhi) to the two assistant Secretaries vacant posts as decided in the Conference.  The Secretary General also informed the meeting that as the President is stationed in Delhi, the SG will be available in the CHQ for two-three days every week in the immediate future. 

As per the decision of the Conference, the Secretariat considered the resolutions moved by various circles and issues raised in the conference, and  finalised the resolutions on Departmental issues and Common issues.  The resolutions as finalised by the Secretariat has been submitted to the Authorities.  The same is enclosed.  The secretariat decided to pursue the pending issues on priority basis.  It was also decided to make the March to Parliament slated for April 28,2015 a grand success and appeal to all Circles to send the number of volunteers as per the quota intimated earlier.

The issue of non-regularisation of casual labours with temporary status in certain charges was discussed.  The Secretariat request all the Circle General Secretaries to report to the Chq whether any casual Labours(Temporary Status) are still to be regularised, their number and the reason for non-regularisation.   The Circles are further requested to inform the progress of implementation of instructions of the Board in the inter-se seniority matter as per the judgement of the Supreme Court in NR Parmar case.

Meeting with Chairperson,CBDT.

The entire Secretariat members had a courtesy meeting with the Chairperson, CBDT on 17.3.2015 at 4PM.  The Ex-Secretary General introduced the members to the Chairperson.  The members urged to the Chairperson to fast track the implementation of the following pending demands

>Approval of the Recruitment Rules of Gr. B & C cadres pending with DoPT,

>Laptops to Inspectors and Mobile Handsets to all, pending with Dept. Of Expdr.

>Increasing reimbursement of LTE to Inspectors and Notice Servers, pending with DoE.

>Early resolution of issues of Promotion in Directorates and Diversion of CR Posts.

>Conversion of vacant post in promotional quota of Inspectors to the other category.

The Chairperson informed that the Board is taking all efforts to get the issues approved by various authorities and assured that all other issues would be resolved at the earliest.

The CHQ leaders also had a brief meeting with the Member (Personnel &Vigilance) on 19th March, 2015.  The issues of conversion of quota and filling up of vacancies in the Inspectors Posts for want of candidates in one category from eligible candidates of  the other category was pressed.  The Member (Personnel) was kind enough to inform us that the issue will be looked into immediately.

VII-CPC-Oral  evidence.

ITEF has received a communication from the 7th CPC fixing a meeting with ITEF on 27th March, 2015 at 10.30am for presenting further our points enumerated in our memorandum submitted to it.  The leaders will present our case and provide oral evidence for the demands and submissions made by us in our memorandum.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

(Rupak Sarkar)

Secretary General.


Resolutions on Departmental Issues adopted in the

XXIX All India Conference of ITEF held at Guwahati from 19-22 February 2015 

Pending issues to be expedited

Merger of Directorate with Principal CCIT(CCA) New Delhi.

  1. Withdrawal of the Order of Diversion of 1633 posts from West Bengal & Sikkim Charge.
  2. Re-allocation of posts to deficient charges (where stagnation is acute).
  3. Implementation of Schemes of Laptop to Inspectors and Mobile handset to all.
  4. Reimbursement of Local Travel Expenses to Inspectors and Notice Servers.
  5. Notification of Recruitment Rules of Gr.-C & Gr.-B Cadres.
  6. To issue the general order for Two Increments on passing of ITI Exam to STA & Stgr.-Gr.II (erstwhile).


  1. 1. .Staff Car Drivers unoccupied may be merged with the main stream Cadres., with relaxation, if needed.
  2. Direct Recruit Quota of Notice Server may be converted to Promotional Quota as one time measure.
  3. The tariff and services of Project Tarang may be reviewed and services may be brought at par with present rates.
  4.  Zonal/Regional Recruitment in Gr.-C Cadres be resorted to tide over the huge vacancies.
  5. Recruitment of MTS to be restored to the Department or through the Employment Exchange.
  6. To simplify the Syllabus of the Departmental Exam.
  7. The candidates who are left with only one paper in the Departmental examination to get qualified may be considered sympathetically and the grace marks may be given to the extent required to qualify the paper.
  8. To modify the Office Procedure Manual (Duty List) as per the post-restructuring functional requirement of the Department.
  9. RSA Token alongwith User Id, Passwords may be provided to all employees enabling them access to the Departmental Network according to their job profiles.
  10. Regular training programme to all employees at various levels may be provided.
  11. Compilation of latest judgements in favour of the department alongwith the latest changes made in the Act & Rules in the shape of a booklet be circulated among the Officers and Inspectors.  Also the latest amendments made in the software and procedures should be compiled and circulated among TA/EA staff.
  12. Infrastructure in the Department should be improved and ensured that each personnel gets ample space for office as well as residential accommodation according to the norms fixed by CPWD.
  13. Bandwidth speed for Deptt. network should be improved at all Offices.
  14. It may be ensured to exempt the Inspector, Notice Server and Staff car Drivers from Biometric attendance System keeping in view their nature of job and field duties.
  15. The Regional CCsIT of MP & Chattisgarh should be allowed to deploy their Gr.-C personnel as per their representations in the respective regions.
  16. The erstwhile Group-D employees aged more than 50 years may be considered for promotion to the higher grade by relaxing the Computer Skill Test.
  17. Regularisation of all Casual Workers as per Order of the Principal Bench of CAT, New Delhi and also as assured by the Finance Minister.
  18. To allot sufficient Funds in all Heads of Expenditure particularly in Medical Head.
  19. Periodical Statistical Reports other than prescribed ones be taken through Systems and requisitioning them from the field offices be dispensed with.
  20. Uniform policy be adopted to conduct skill test for the Stenographers recruited in relaxed standard by the Deptt. after proper training.
  21. To get the Recruitment Rules for all Cadres notified immediately.
  22. To take immediate action to get the ITI posts lying vacant for want of candidates in Steno Cadre filled with the eligible candidates in Ministerial Cadre.
  23. To take necessary steps to expedite the process of filling up of all Direct Recruitment posts to tide over staff shortage.
  24. Partially qualified TAs may be promoted as Sr. TAs as a onetime measure.
  25. Daily Wage Workers (other than with Temporary status) be paid at the minimum of Pay Band-1 (Rs.5200-20200) i.e., Rs.5200 plus a Grade Pay of Rs.1300/- and Dearness Allowances. In addition the benefit of merger of 50% of DA may also be allowed, as has been available to such persons in Postal Department.
  26. All communication/Notifications/OM/Promotional orders be placed in the Official website of the Department and log-in facility of “irsofficersonline” may be introduced for all employees.
  27. To reduce the minimum period of MTS Cadre from 5 years to 3 years for appearing in the departmental examination.
  28. Wherever Special Pay is made for Officers for specialised work, the staff of all cadres posted there may also be given Special Pay.
  29. Proper and accountable personnel may be deployed for the security of the offices and personnel in the department.
  30. All the vacant posts in the Departmental Canteen may be filled as per the DOPT`s Instruction. Steps may be taken to provide proper Canteen facility for all Staffs.
  31. Departmental personnel required for the Central Processing Centres (CPCs) be drawn from all charges either on willingness or on deputation, since no separate allocation was made in the Cadre-restructuring posts to the charges where CPCs are functioning.

Resolutions on Common issues-other than the issues already taken-up/pending with various levels.

  1. LTC provisions of eligibility in Premium Class trains without any restrictions.
  2. Fixation benefit on promotion be given to the MACP beneficiaries.
  3. Provision of additional HBA for extension/repair or renewal of existing houses.
  4. Medical advance may be granted without any restriction to all the beneficiaries for inpatient treatment.
  5. Motor Car Advance to all non-gazetted employees.
  6. To provide CGHS Hospital in all towns and to ensure cash less treatment to all.
  7. To notify  at least one private Hospital at each station for medical treatment of CGEs.
  8. To combine the unavailed joining time to the Earned Leave Account.




It’s my honour to address you all on the occasion of ‘International Womens Day’ on 8th March 2015. This day is a celebration of the struggle of women, the world over, and their achievements, in realising the just and equitable role and position for women in society, in workplace and as a homemaker. This day is also a reminder of the road ahead, the enormity of the tasks that still stare at us. This day is a day to resolve, to rededicate ourselves to the task of women emancipation and empowerment.

The word ‘woman’ is not singular, it is a plural noun.  If the Oxford Dictionary says otherwise, we need to let them know why. A woman is always an eco-system, balancing multiple roles, multiple commitments, at multiple places of work – both in office and also at home. There might be CL, EL etc in office, but there is not a single CL or EL in house. Good health or bad health, the tasks of bringing up children, and other home-making works don’t give any break. In addition to these, many of us are engaged in other interests like music, painting, culture, sports etc., and it is really a miracle that women manage to do so many things, and still appear cheerful and charming. The word multi-tasking doesn’t find more resonance anywhere. In fact, women contribute more to the society. If you educate a man, you are educating one person. If you are educating a woman, you are educating a family.

In spite of the effervescent and vibrant roles that women play as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, soul-mates, co-workers and in social service, women are often trampled upon in world societies, both in war and peace. The past year witnessed some of the most horrific incidents that shook our sense of humanity. 276 school-girls were kidnapped in Nigeria in April 2014, and not released till now. According to Amnesty International, hundreds of Yazidi women were sold by ISIS into sexual slavery. Using women as soft targets is a blot on humanity and questions the very meaning of civilisation. 

Even in the civilised and sophisticated corporate world, many business shenanigans squirm at the thought of giving equal pay and respect to their women employees. This year witnessed the most distasteful episode of Microsoft CEO’s statement that women should accept their karma, when he was asked about equal pay for women in software industry. This shows the deep-rooted prejudice that women are burdened with, and the enormity of the road ahead of the women’s movement in India and the world over.

We can fight this only with deep understanding and belief in women’s capabilities and strengths. Even under the weight of all the prejudices, women have been charting stellar performances everywhere. Not only the immense multi-tasking roles and expectations that every woman upholds, many are blazing a path of leadership and success, leaving a trail of pride and inspiration, not only in regular careers but also in high tech scientific and futuristic fields, which are traditionally considered as male bastions. Smt. Padmashree Warrior from Vijayawada is the Chief Technology & Strategy Officer (CTSO) at Cisco, which powers the world’s telecom architecture. She is in-charge of the telecom machinery which runs our mobile phones, internet and whatsapp, for present and for future. Indra Nooyi from Chennai is Pepsi’s global Chairman & CEO. Mary Kom became Olympic Bronze medallist and Asian Gold Medallist in boxing, when she was a mother of three. Kiran Mazumdar Shah of Biocon is a genetics entrepreneurial wizard, having a street named after her in Australia on 5th March 2015. There are lot more stellar achievements of working women in business and other spheres.

These achievements are just a pointer to show that all that a women needs is a little enabling. Enable the women, and they will do wonders, to the families, workplaces and the societies. Give women the right education and training, safety in work-place and transit, freedom from violence and discrimination, respect as an equal gender, belief in their capabilities – the society will transform into a much better place. There is no better time to realise and rededicate to this goal, than the year in which Malala Yousufzai got the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting for education. There is no easy path to achieve this, and I call upon all women comrades, to struggle for equitable rights, with passion, determination and hunger for success.

On this momentous day, it’s our duty, of everyone – common people, men and women comrades, the leaders, the policy makers and the government – to understand and appreciate that women deserve their rightful equitable empowerment. In fact, this year, we are also observing 20 years of Beijing Declaration on Women’s Rights. UNO declared the campaign slogan as “Empowering Women, Empowering humanity”, i.e. if we empower women, we empower humanity. The theme for this year’s International Women’s day is rightfully coined as “Make it Happen”. On this occasion, as Chairperson of the Women’s Committee of the Central Government Employees and Workers, I call upon everyone to join hands and give a clarion call – Yes, we will make it happen.

Believe in yourself.


Usha Bonepalli


Women’s Committee,

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers,

New Delhi. 




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