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                                             ITEF CIRCULAR NO.43

Dear Comrades,

Confederation Convention and Programme of Actions.

            The Confederation National Convention was held at Nagpur on 4th April, 2014, as scheduled. The events of the convention and the full test of the Resolution adopted in the Convention is contained in the Confederation Circular No. 15 dated 5th April, 2015 which is enclosed.  Some of the highlights of the resolution and action programme to be carried out by all affiliates are given under with a request to all the ITEF Circles to carry out the decisions.

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As per the decision taken by the Secretariat, and upon rejection of our claim by the Government, we have filed two Applications in the  Principal Bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal, New Delhi on the following  issues.

  1. Fixation of pay of ITI/AO/PS who were promoted between 1.1.2006 and 30.8.2008 in terms of provisions of Rule 7 of CCS (Revised Pay)Rules 2008 taking the minimum pay on pay band as Rs 13860 (with reference to Rs 7450) and no Rs 12090 (with reference to 6500).

  2. For fixing the pay of promotes at the prescribed entry pay of a direct recruit to the same post as given in Section 2 of the First Schedule of the CCS (RP)Rules 2008.

In the first case, as sought by us, the Tribunal has also granted interim stay of  the recovery of the alleged  “excess payment”.  SG, ITEF.



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Personnel Grievance Redressal CommitteeMeeting: The PGRC meeting at the apex level was held on 25thMarch, 2014 as scheduled at 11.00AM.  The meeting was co-chaired by Member (P&V) and Member (R).  Apart from other Officials, the JCA was represented by Coms. Ashok B Salunkhe (President ITEF),  Ajay Goyal (President ITGOA), KP Rajagopal, SG, ITEF, Bhaskar Bhattacharya, SG, ITGOA and Ashok Kr. Kanojia, Addl. Secy. ITEF.  The outcome of the meeting on each agenda item is as under.

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JCA Circular

JCA circular regarding Implementation of Cadre Restructuring – allocation of Posts Protest against Callous attitude of the CBDT Authorities-
You are aware that the Central Board of Direct Taxes has finalised and approved the allocation of 20751 additional posts sanctioned by the Government for restructuring of the Department.  The Board, according to the signing off message on the wee hours of the Chairpersons superannuation, has sent the proposal to the Hon’ble Finance Minister for his approval on 28th Feb. 2014.  The present position, it is learnt is that the same may be returned within a few days after approval for notification and implementation


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ITEF Cir No. 41/12-15

Dear Comrades,

Cadre Restructuring and Allocation of Post.  Please recall the CHQ message send on 20.02.2013 informing you the discussion we had with the Chairperson and Member (P) on the subject wherein we have been assured  that the allocation of posts and other matters will be finalised and discussed with the ITEF by this week.  Till penning of this communication at late evening, it is learnt, the CBDT is still working on the matter.  As soon as we get call for discussion, the same will be informed. To discuss all other pending issues, the Member (P&V) has convened the Grievance Redressal Committee meeting with JCA on 4th March, 2014.


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