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Dear Comrades,

XXIX All India Delegates Conference of ITEF held at Guwahati from 19th to 22nd February, 2015.

The XXIX All India Delegates Conference of ITEF was held at Medical College Auditorium, Guwahati from 19th to 22nd February, 2015.  The Inaugural and Open sessions were held on 19th February, 2015 at 10.30Am and 3.30PM respectively.  The conference started at 9.30AM on 19.2.2015 with hoisting of the ITEF Flag by Com. President Ashok B Salunkhe in the presence of the Delegates, guests and invitees followed by salutation at martyr column.

The Inaugural session started at 10.30AM in the Com. V.S.R.Krishna Mancha, named after the departed Ex-President of ITEF Com. V.S.R.Krsihna, with recital of ITEF anthem and lighting of lamp.  The Chairman of the Reception Committee and veteran leader Com. Sarbananda Das welcomed the Chief Guest, other guests and invitees, delegates and observers to the city of Guwahati, the gate way of North Eastern States. Com. Ashok B Salunkhe delivered the Presidential speech touching upon the issues setteled by the Board and requesting for settlement of the issues pending before it.  The Conference was inaugurated by Shri Arun Kumar Jain, Member (Personnel & Vigilance),Central Board of Direct Taxes.  The Chairperson,CBDT, Ms. Anita Kapur could not make it to the Conference due to preoccupation in the Budget preparation discussions.  The Chairperson had sent a message and greetings for the success of the Conference. In his inaugural speech, the Member (P&V),thanked the Federation in maintaining the democratic tradition and helping the department in having a peaceful industrial atmosphere.  He also touched upon the issues on which the Board had taken positive steps like approaching the Department of Personnel for extension of Advance Increment on passing Departmental Examination for Sr. TAs/Stgr., and assured immediate settlement of the issues connected with the Directorate Promotions and Diversion of posts from Bengal Charge among other things.

The Inaugural session was also addressed by Janab S M Ashraf, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Shillong; Com. Bakul Chandra Sarmah, General Secretary of Income Tax Pensioners Association, NEW Guwahati; Com. Amitava Dey, Vice President of ITGOA and Gl. Secretary, ITGOA,NER Unit; Com. KP Rajagopal, Secretary General, ITEF. Com. K.K.N.Kutty, Advisor of ITEF and President, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers, New Delhi, paying homage and tributes to our leader Com. S.K.Vyas, touched upon the common issues of the Central Government Employees and the attitude of the Government.  He also emphasised the role the ITEF had played in the past, the necessity of playing more responsible role in making the ongoing agitations of March to Parliament and indefinite strike a massive success.   With Com. SubhadeepKar, Working Chairman, Reception Committee proposing the vote of thanks, the session concluded at 1.00PM.

The Open session was held at the same venue, named after the legendary leader of the Central Government Employees Com. S.K.Vyas, from 3.30PM with the welcome address by Com. Subbir Kumar Mazumdar, Secretary, Reception Committee, followed by Presidential address by Com. Ashok B Salunkhe.  The session was inaugurated by Com. Tapan Sen, All India Secretary of Centre of Indian Trade Unions.  In his inaugural address Com. Sen touched upon the socio-political scenario of  the country and the attitude of the present Government to the issues of the common people and aggressive pursuance of the Privatisation and disinvestment of Public Sector units, Railways, Defence, postal services etc. and the role to be played by  the Central Government Employees to resist such steps.  The Guest of honour in the session was Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary, Staff Side, JCM National Council and General Secretary of All India Railwaymen’s Federation.  He elucidated in his effective speech the circumstances which forced the entire participating organisations of JCM and others to join together to tread the path of agitation by the Central Government Employees culminating in an indefinite strike to achieve the 10 points charter of demands.  He also urged upon the Members of the Income Tax Employees Federation to play their pivotal role in not only leading role but to enlist others in making the agitational programmes massive success.  Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary General of Confederation in his effective speech explained the history of the Central Govt. employees struggles from 1960 on grains allowance to todays situation and the role played by the Confederation in all the subsequent struggles.  He called upon the ITEF, being one of the most vibrant organisation, to take the lead role in the ensuing agitations and ensure massive participation true to its stature.  Com. Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Secretary General of ITGOA and Joint Covenor of JCA; Com. Deban Bhattacharaya, State Secretary of CITU, Com. Satanjib Das, Convenor, JCTU also addressed the session.  The session concluded with Com. KP Rajagopal, Secretary General, proposing the vote of thanks, at 6.30PM.

In the evening a colourful cultural programme was arrange by the Reception Committee.  The programme had all the flora and fauna  of the diverse culture of the 7 states of the North Eastern states and its rich tradition in folks and songs.

The Wokring Committee meeting was held immediately after the open session to discuss the agenda items. The Working Committee discussed the agenda items and decided to have detailed discussion on the minutes of the last working Committee Meeting held at New Delhi on 1st June 2014 and the last conference held at Mehsana in February, 2012 as also  on the Secretary General’s Report, in the Conference.  Agenda item 3 i.e. formulation of the recommendations to be made to the Conference by the CWC for appointment of members to the Election Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Advisors, the CWC decided to discuss the same in detail in the Conference.

The Delegates session was commenced on 20th February, 2015 at 10.30AM with passing condolence message and paying tribute and respectful homage to the departed leaders and all those who have left us during the period by observing silence. The detailed minutes of the conference is under preparation and will be published shortly. Decisions taken in the conference, agenda-wise are given hereunder.

Agenda No. I. Condolence Resolution. Com. Secretary General read out the Condolence Resolutions, as part of the Secretary Generals report.  The condolence resolution of Com. S.K.Vyas was separately circulated in the house to be taken as part of the report.  The condolence resolutions were adopted.

Agenda Items 2 & 3 were taken together viz. Confirmation of the minutes of the 28th Delegates Conference held at Mehsana (Gujarat) from 21st  February, 2012 to 24th February, 2012 and Presentation, consideration, discussion and approval of the report and accounts submitted by the Secretary General on behalf of the Central Working Committee of the ITEF.

The Secretary General presented the report and highlighted the various issues incorporated in it.  He also said that an action taken report on the resolutions passed in the last conference on common and departmental issues as also some of the major issues referred by the Circles are incorporated in the report.  Since some of the delegates lamented that the minutes of the last conference included in the report was not exhaustive of the discussions, the house was informed that the detailed minutes of the Conference will be presented in the next CWC. The report and the accounts for the three financial years were discussed at length in the house and was unanimously approved.

Agenda item No. 4&6 viz. Matters for consideration and decision under article XVIII of the Constitution, if any discussion and adoption of the Report of the Chairman, Election Commission and the Disciplinary Committees, if any were taken together.

The Secretary General placed the reports of the Chairmen Election Committee and Disciplinary Committee on the issues referred to them by the Central Working Committee on the complaints received from Com. Prikshit K Vasudeva, Vice President and another received from two comrades of North Western Region on the Elections held in the Conference of NW Region.  Both the reports were approved by the house the directed the Secretariat to take appropriate action based on the report.


Agenda item No. 5. Amendment to the Constitution, if any.

The House after considering the Accounts submitted in the Conference and the observations of the Auditor in his report came to the conclusion that the financial health of ITEF CHQ has to be augmented, especially in the matter of wages of employees and maintenance of the Manishinath Bhawan.  Since the earlier decision to collect Rs 20/- per year from members are not adhered by any circle, it was decided to increase the Renewal Fee collected once in a year to Rs. 70/- and Rs. 40/- from the members of PB 2 and PB 1 respectively from the year 2015-16 onwards.  It was also decided to strictly monitor the remittance of Rs 25,000/- by all circles immediately after their Circle Conference. 

Agenda items 7 & 8. Viz. Discussion on Departmental issues and problems &Discussion on Common issues concerning Central Govt. employees and adoption of resolutions thereon. The Secretary General initiated the discussion by making a brief presentation on the Departmental issues settled and others pending with various authorities like IFU, DoE and DoPT.  He touched upon the circumstances and situation created by the previous Government and the attitude and history of the present Government in dealing with the issues of the Government employees which forced the Central Government Employees organisations to decide to go for the agitation, emphasised the need of the Federation to embark upon massive campaign programme to elicit the maximum participation of its members as also the employees and workers in other segments of the Central Government Employees.  The house discussed the agenda for more than 12 hours on 20th and 21st February,2015.  In summing up the discussion the Secretary General replied and clarified the questions and doubts raised by the delegates.  He also assured that all the issues which require settlement and consideration will be part of the resolutions and taken up with the appropriate authorities.

Agenda Item 9.Discussion and adoption of resolutions on policy and programmes.  The Secretary General informed the house that the policy and programme of the organisation is placed under the caption “Task & Perspective” in the Secretary General’s report.  The House after going through it adopted the same.


Agenda item No. 10: Presentation of the Budget estimate for the ensuing three year. In view of the anticipated variation in the receipt due to the change in the membership and Renewal fees, it was decided that the next Secretariat will prepare and present the same in the CWC.

Agenda item 11. Discussion on matters connected with the journal Aayakari.  Considering the huge outstanding in the payment of Aayakar dues and the cost inflation in its publication the house directed the Secretariat to strictly monitor and enforce the payment on account of Aayakar dues in time and also appealed to the Circle leaders to clear the outstanding on this accounts within three months.

Before considering the item No. 12, the house considered the agenda item No. 12 viz. Discussion and adoption of appropriate resolutions on the nomination of members to Departmental Council and National Council JCM.  The house agreed to the request of the President to consider the renomination of Com. K.K.N.Kutty, as the member of the JCM national council.

Agenda No. 14.Selection and appointment of the Members of Advisory Committee, Chairman, Disciplinary Committee,   Chief Election Commission.  The house after discussion of the issue decided to leave the issue to the decision of the New Office Bearers and to present their proposal in the next Central Working Committee Meeting. 

Agenda Item No. 15.Any other matter with the permission of the Chair. The house decided to accept the proposal of the MP & Chhattisgarh Circle to host the next Conference in the year 2018.

Item No. 12. Election of Office-bearers for the ensuing term of office.  On this agenda item, the President invited the Chairman, Election Committee to present his report.  The Chairman in his brief report, expressed gratitude to the Federation in reposing the responsibility and also the delegates for helping him and the members of the Committee to conduct the process smoothly..  The Chairman  also stated that the following  candidates were elected unanimously as there was no contest.  He also informed the house that three posts are lying vacant as there was no nomination for those posts and urged the house to authorise the Working Committee to fill them by co-option. 


Sect members


The Newly elected President Com. Ashok Kr. Kanojia and Secretary General Com. Rupak Sarkar addressed the house and proposed vote of thanks.

  After the curtain was drawn, the entire delegates marched to the Flag mast.  The ITEF flag was furled and handed over to the leaders of the MP & Chattisgarh Circle to be raised in the next All India Delegates Conference to be held in that Circle.

Agitational programme chalken out by the National Joint Council of Action of Central Government Employees including organisations in Railways and Defence sectors.

Please recall our earlier communications on the above matter.  The NJCA’s programme of first phase of mass action programme of ‘MARCH TO PARLIAMENT’ is on 28th April, 2015 to bring sanction on the Government to consider the 10 point Charter of Demands including Interim Relief, Merger of DA, Date of effect of VII-CPC from 1.1.2014 etc. .   The decision to mobilise about one lakhs volunteers to this programme is a huge task.  The Confederation in its Secretariat meeting held at New Delhi  on 17.02.2015 has decided to embark upon a massive campaign programme to elicit maximum number of participants in the progamme.  The confederation has also fixed quota of minimum volunteers for each organisation for the March to Parliament.  According to the quota so fixed, the ITEF is to ensure participation of minimum 3000 volunteers.  Accordingly, to achieve the minimum target fixed for ITEF, we request you to ensure minimum number of participants from each circle as indicated below.  The quota is fixed after taking into account the distance of the circles from Delhi and its membership.

Western UP – 400; Eastern UP 300; North West Region- 300; Rajasthan- 200; MP & Chattishgarh- 100; Bihar-75; Bengal-75; North Eastern Region- 25; Gujarat- 75; Mumbai-75; Pune-50; Vidharbha-25; AP & Telangana-40; Karnataka-50; Tamilnadu-75; Kerala-25; Orissa-25; and the rest from Delhi Circles.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,



Secretary General.






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