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X.5(xxxxiii)                                                                              Dated : 29. 09,2014




            Notice is hereby given for the  Secretariat Meeting of the ITEF on 14th October 2014 at 10.30 AM at Manishinath Bhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, to discuss the following agenda. 


  1. Discussion on the approach to meeting with Chairman on 14.10.2014.
  2. Discussion on the proposal for diversion of CR posts to deficient Charges.
  3. Issues connected with the ensuing All India Conference.
  4. Discussion on Departmental Issues.
  5. Any other matter of urgent nature with permission of the Chair.**

   KP Rajagopal,

Secretary General






A-2/95, ManishinathBhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027


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Joint Convenors

KP  Rajagopal    &   Bhaskar Bhattacharya


No. N-1/M-12/2014                                                                Dated:  29th Sept. 2014


The Chairman,

Central Board of Direct Taxes,

North Block,

New Delhi 110 001.


Sub:-   Implementation of the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of NR Parmar [CA No. 7514-7515 and others] -Request for amendments to the advisory Regarding-

Ref:`    Letter in F.No. HRD/CM/220/14/2013-14/4275 dated 29.09.2014-


This has reference to the above letter issued from the Directorate of HRD on the subject.   We have been requesting the Authorities in formal meeting and through letters to issue clear cut guidelines for uniform implementation of the DOPT instructions in the matter of interse-seniority of direct recruits and promotes, after the judgement of the Supreme Court in the above case.   Our request was based on the fact that the case before the Supreme Court itself was the product of various lines of interpretation adopted by the different CCAs, partisan attitude of the authorities and the neglect of monitoring the seniorituy list of Officers/officials periodically.  On the directions of the Member (P&V),we have also fully cooperated in the two meetings held on 03.12.2013 and 11.12.2013 in finalising the “Advisory”.

On going through the above letter and the “advisory”, we are shaken and taken aback.  Not only the  “advisory” now circulated is arbitrary altered and curtailed but  the contents of the letter are also incorrect  and contrary to the facts.

In paragraph 3 of the above letter it is mentioned that “Minutes of the meetings held on 3rd December,2013 and 11th December 2013 in the course of consultation process have been circulated to all the participants.  No dissent note have been received from the participants against the minutes of the meetings.  We would like to bring to your kind notice that after going through the minutes of the meeting held on 3.12.2013, the discrepancy in item No. 17 of the minutes with regard to the applicability of the ratio of the Supreme Court order” was raised by the JCA as first item in the subsequent meeting held on 11.12.2013.  In that meeting it was agreed to amend the minutes and accordingly a corrigendum to the minutes was issued vide F No. HRD/CM/220//14/2013-14/4150 dated 16.12.2013 amending the paragraph as under:

            “The participants agreed that the judgement of the Supreme Court, though it is rendered in the case of Inspector of Income Tax, applies equally to all cadres where there are elements of both Direct Recruitment and Promotion for the purpose of Recruitment into the cadre”.

The position be so, in the present advisory ”it is mentioned against Col. 3 that the DoPT has advised that the NR parmar judgement is applicable to the post of Inspectors”,  In this connection it has to be noted that the Advisory referred to the DoPT for their examination against the Col. No. 3 i.e. Is the NR Parmar decision applicable only to the post of Inspector?, the clarification is mentioned as “No, the SC decision applies to the Direct Recruit Upper Division Clerks and Tax Assistants also.

In reference to the above, the DoPT  in Note DOR/F.No. 18012/26/2003-V&L/ DOPT Dy. No. 969484/CR/14 dated 30.1.2014, conveyed no observation or  objection to the above item whereas  further clarifications were provided in para 5 (a) to (f) on other issues.

In the General  OM issued by the DoPT on 4.3.2014 in the wake of the Supreme Court Judgement in the NR Parmar case also the DoPT has not restricted its applicability to a particular cadre in the Income Tax Department. 

Further on reference from the Income Tax Department, in note DOR  F No. c.18015/37/2014-V&L/ DOPT Dy. No. 944370/OR/14 dated 01.05.2014, the Department as been advised in para 2 as under:

“In the specific context of Income Tax Department, wherein the inter-se seniority of Direct Recruits and Promotes have been under dispute on the ground of misinterpretation of the provisions of OM dated 7.2.1986, 3.7.1986 and has led to Parmar Judgement of Supreme Court, it is unambiguously confirmed that the entire issue of seniority of the offiers of Income Tax Department would have to be revisited in compliance of the judgement of the Supreme Court.”

From the above it is clear that the in the Department, the misinterpretation of the provisions of OM dated 7.2.1986 and 3.7.86 was not restricted to the cadre of Inspectors alone, the same interpretation was adopted for fixing inter se seniority of Direct Recruits and Promotees in all cadres.  The Departments arbitrary selection of only one cadre for implementation of a general principle, in the name of a Supreme Court Judgement in effect is forcing every person in other cadre to approach courts.  We, the officers and employees have already suffered losses of carrer progression and financial benefits due to various stands and instructions issued by the Board in the instant issue forcing the employees to seek legal redressal.  As an organisation representing more than 95% personnel in the department, we cannot brook any more due to such stands being taken by the Department.

Therefore, changing the draft response to item No. 3 in the name of a non-existing advise from DOPT. viz. Is the NR parmar decision applicable only to the post of Inspector, from what was agreed and arrived with consensus by all stake holders is arbitrary and totally unacceptable to  us.   Therefore, we request you to immediately issue corrigendum to the present advisory to the effect that the response to point No. 3 is “No, the provisions of the OM dated 7.2.86 and 3.7.86 are applicable in all cadres where the elements of Direct Recruitment  and promotion exists”. and also to amend para no. 5 as “ This advisory is being issued for enabling all Pr. CCsIT(CCA) to carry out the process of refixing of Seniority of all cadres where the elements of Direct Recruitment  and promotion exists in their regions……”.  We are also constrained to inform your goodself, that our members will not be in a position to extend cooperation in the matter to the administration in implementing the directions contained in the above letter to CCAs until necessary amendments are carried out and conveyed to the Cadre Controlling Authorities.

Thanking you,

                                                              Yours faithfully,

                                                   Sd/                                    Sd/

                                        (KP Rajagopal)  (Bhaskar Bhattacharya)

Joint Convenors

Copy to All Circle General Secretaries of ITEF and ITGOA with a request not to cooperate with the administration in the task of revisiting the seniority of only one cadre until the  above Advisory is amended as required by the JCA.

Joint Convenors.


Proud moment for

Income Tax Family

Koyal Rana

daughter of

Sh. Arun Kumar, ITO

from Delhi charge

recently won the coveted

fbb Femina Miss India World 2014

crown at the 51st edition of the pageant.

Koyal Rana outclassed 23 other contestants

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Koyal Rana will represent India

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She has endorsed Brands like

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In addition to pursuing

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

from Delhi University,

she is also actively involved with many NGOs

including ‘Moksha Foundation’, ‘Aarohan NGO’ ‘Pratham’ HelpAge,





A-2/95, Manishinath Bhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027


Joint Convenors

K.P. Rajagopal  &  Bhaskar Bhattacharya

                                   <98682 77455 & 89021 98888>


Cir. No. 2/M-12/14-15                                                    Dated: 5th May, 2014.


Dear comrades,

Sub:-   Central JCA Meeting on 04.05.2014-

               The National JCA met at Manishinath Bhawan as scheduled on 4th May 2014. The JCA meeting was held after a long gap i.e. after 28th July, 2013 meeting held at New Delhi.  The meeting deliberated in detail the present situation on the issues of the JCA pending for long especially in the light of the nugatory and insensitive attitude of the CBDT authorities towards the just and legitimate demands of the personnel of the Department.  The meeting, on the other side took note of the positive attitude and assurances laid out from the side of the Secretary (Revenue) in the meeting held on 28th April, 2014.

All the members were in unison that the situation of apathy on the part of the CBDT cannot brook anymore and it is time to embark on serious agitation under the united platform of JCA.  It is also noted that the intervention of the Secretary (Revenue) and his assurances need to be taken note of and some more time should be given to the RS to respond and decided to seek one more meeting with the Secretary (Revenue) at the earliest.  It was also decided to write a letter to the Secretary (Revenue) highlighting some of the issues already taken up with him through our Memorandum with a request for his immediate interference to avoid industrial disturbances in the Department. Accordingly we sought a meeting with the Secretary (Revenue) at the earliest vide our letter dated 05.04.2014.

i) Promotions to various cadres pending for more than a year and issuance of uniform instruction for implementing Supreme Court Order on inter-se-seniority.

ii)  Filling up of posts of ACIT created in CR 2013 at one go and creation of commensurate posts in the cadre of AO/PS  

iii) Fixation benefit on promotion and advance increment on passing Examination.

iv)   Amendment to IRS Recruitment Rules & framing of Transfer Policy.

v)  Reduction of existing strength on allocation of CR Posts.

vi)   Approval of schemes sanctioned from 1% incentive scheme.


The next meeting of the JCA will be held on 02.06.2014 at New Delhi. Necessary notice for the meeting alongwith agenda items will be issued shortly. The meeting further decided to draw the Charter of Demands and campaign amongst the members before embarking on any agitation.

VII-CPC related matters:  The meeting decided to submit a joint memorandum to the VII-Central Pay Commission on the issues of the personnel of the Department.  A committee with three members each from ITEF & ITGOA has been formed with the following members to prepare the draft memorandum. 

Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Com. Ashok B Salunkhe and Com. K.P. Rajagopal from ITEF Com. Amitava Dey, Com. Arvind Trivedi and Com. J.B. Singh from ITGOA.

It was also decided to circulate the draft memorandum amongst the circles/units for their suggestions and views.  After consideration of the same final report will be prepared and submitted to the VII-CPC within the stipulated time.


With greeting

                                                           Yours fraternally,


 (KP Rajagopal)  (Bhaskar Bhattacharya)

                                                 Joint Convenors



According to the signing off message (Published in the website of IRS Officers) of the outgoing Chairperson, CBDT, the proposal of allocation of posts and other Recruitment Rules etc. have been approved by the CBDT and sent to the Finance Minister for approval.  It is also mentioned that the CCAs have been directed to be ready for implementation.  This is in contravention of the understanding reached between the ITEF and the Member (P&V) on 17.01.2014 that the Board will cause discussion with ITEF Representative again after finalisation of  the proposal for allocation of posts and as such,a breach of trust.



The Union Cabinet on 28th February, 2014 approved the proposal of the Finance Ministry for the “Terms of Reference” to the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC).  It is pertinent to mentioned here that the Government have not considered any of the suggestions of the staff side nor caused a discussion as was the practice with the staff side.  Following is the “Terms of reference” approved by the Government. 

                                               Terms of Reference.

a)      To examine, review, evolve and recommend changes that are desirable and feasible regarding the principles that should govern the emoluments structure including pay, allowances and other facilities/benefits, in cash or kind, having regard to rationalization and simplification therein as well as the specialized needs of various Departments, agencies and services, in respect of the following categories of employees:-

    i.  Central Government employees-industrial and non-industrial;

   ii.    Personnel belonging to the All India Services;

   iii.    Personnel of the Union Territories;

 iv.                   Officers  and   employees   of  the   Indian  Audit  and   Accounts Department;

  v.     Members of regulatory bodies (excluding the Reserve Bank of India) set up under Acts of Parliament; and

  vi.   Officers and employees of the Supreme Court.

b)      To examine, review, evolve and recommend changes that are desirable and feasible regarding principles that should govern the emoluments structure, concessions and facilities/benefits, in cash or kind, as well as retirement benefits of personnel belonging to the Defence Forces, having regard to historical and traditional parities, with due emphasis on aspects unique to these personnel.

c)      To work out the framework for an emoluments structure linked with the need to attract the most suitable talent to Government service, promote efficiency, accountability and responsibility in the work culture, and foster excellence in the public governance system to respond to complex challenges of modern administration and rapid political, social, economic and technological changes, with due regard to expectations of stakeholders, and to recommend appropriate training and capacity building through a competency based framework.

d)     To examine the existing schemes of payment of bonus, keeping in view, among other things, its bearing upon performance and productivity and make recommendations on the general principles, financial parameters and conditions for an appropriate incentive scheme to reward excellence in productivity, performance and integrity.

e)      To review the variety of existing    allowances presently available to employees in addition to pay and suggest their rationalization and simplification, with a view to ensuring that the pay structure is so designed as to take these into account.

f)       To examine the principles which should govern the structure of pension and other retirement benefits, including revision of pension in the case of employees who have retired prior to the date of effect of these recommendations, keeping in view that retirement benefits of all Central Government employees appointed on and after 01.01.2004 are covered by the New Pension Scheme (NPS).

g)      To make recommendations on the above, keeping in view:

i.    the economic conditions in the country  and need for fiscal prudence;

ii.   the need to ensure that adequate resources are available for developmental expenditures and welfare measures;

iii.the likely impact of the recommendations on the finances of the State Governments, which usually adopt the recommendations with some modifications;

iv.   the prevailing emolument structure and retirement benefits available to employees of Central Public Sector Undertakings; and

v. the best global practices and their adaptability and relevance in Indian conditions.

h)      To recommend the date of effect of its recommendations on all the above.

The Commission will make its recommendations within 18 months of the date of its constitution.  It may consider, if necessary, sending interim reports on any of the matters as and when the recommendations are finalised.  

The decision will result in the benefit of improved pay and allowances as well as rationalization of the pay structure in case of Central Government employees and other employees included in the scope of the 7th Central Pay Commission.


            Central Pay Commissions are periodically constituted to go into various issues of emoluments’ structure, retirement benefits and other service conditions of Central Government employees and to make recommendations on the changes required.







AT MUMBAI on 27.02.2014 AT 4.15 AM.








As in February 2013, this year too, our Federation day is to be followed by a 48 hour strike action at the call of the Confederation of Central Government employees and workers. The 12th December, 2012 one day strike action in which cent per cent of the ITEF members took part generated the sanctions which compelled the Government to announce in September, 2013 the setting up of the 7th CPC. The UPA Government must have expected the CGEs to be euphoric over the announcement and thus make political gains in the following legislative assembly elections of various States . The employees rightly recognising the post dated cheque ensured that the party in power realises the reward for chicanery. On 12th December, 2012 the dominant organisations of both Railways and Defence stayed away from action. When the issue and the strike action gained momentum the leadership of those organisations decided to seek the mandate of the common workers through an opinion poll. The response of the common Railway workers was magnificent. They voted overwhelmingly for strike action for they know that without which the wage revision of Central Government employees with a periodicity of five years as is the case with the public and private sector workers would not come about. A joint movement of the entirety of Central Government employees was the expectation but did not emerge. The reluctance to tread the path of struggle was writ at large. Confederation having realised that the joint movement having turned into a mirage decided to call upon its members to organise 48 hour strike on 12th and 13th February, 2014 when both the Railway and Defence workers will again be (unfortunately) spectators.

The last five years, the UPA II was in power was the period the neo- liberal economic policies were operated at its peak. The common people of our country was at the receiving end of the pernicious policy . Incessant rise in the prices of all commodities, unbridled inflation, rising unemployment, deprivation, penury and poverty, the withdrawal of welfare measures introduced earlier to provide succour to the working people one by one were its hallmark. The people responded to every call for struggle directed against the economic policies, be it from the Trade Unions or of the political parties.. The united platform of Trade Unions which spearheaded the resistance movement against the neo-liberal policies grew in size and stature. In the State elections held in November/December, the people voted decisively to defeat the Indian National Congress which leads the political outfit called UPA.

Back home at our departmental level, I am afraid that the fabric of unity we assiduously built over the years with toils and sacrifices is on the verge of terrific tension. Most of us are saddened over the developments over the issue of allocation of the additional posts created on account of the cadre restructuring and review. We were the first to have the cadre review exercise completed and get the nod of the Government (after the 6th CPC) for creation of over 20,000 posts. It was the result and reflection of our unity and strength manifested magnificently on several occasions, especially during the general strike actions of the workers in the country. We sat hours together, deliberated in detail, consciously compromised to arrive at a consensus. We must ensure that the consensus so reached unanimously prevails. We cannot afford to lose our unity except at our peril. We must come out of the piquant situation that has been engineered to demolish and destroy us.

Viewed from that perspective, the 12th and 13th February strike provides us with a fine opportunity to rekindle the spirit of unity and prove that the capacity to struggle alone make an organisation strong. We are called upon to establish that, despite difficulties created by canard, half- truths and blatant lies, we will stand united and ITEF shall remain the most militant trade union organisation.

I appeal to every one of you on this solemn occasion of the 62nd foundation day of our Federation to uphold the spirit of unity and struggle and march into a better and brighter tomorrow.



Dear Comrades,

Placed below is the letter of the JCA addressed to the Chairperson protesting the way in which the CBDT intends to implement the Cadre Restructuring Proposal approved by the Cabinet ignoring the ITEF and ITGOA.  The letter is self explanatory.  We have also lodged our protest to the Chairperson in person too.  The Chairperson has assured that our concerns will be addressed soon.  But till we are informed the steps that are being taken by the Board to include our Representatives in the Core and other sub-committees at apex and the CCA level for including our representative, as demanded by us , we are not to get involved or to extend any co-operation in any way in the Cadre Restructuring Implementation Process.  You will be kept informed as and when there is any further development in this regard. 

Yours fraternally,

KP Rajagopal,

Secretary General.





A-2/95, Manishinath Bhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027

Joint Convenors

Rajesh D Menon & K.P. Rajagopal

No. N-1/M-10/1/2012-15                                           Dated: 28th June, 2013


The Chairperson,

Central Board of Direct Taxes,

North Block,

New Delhi-110 001.


Sub:     Formation of Core-committees and sub-committees for

Implementing Cadre Restructuring proposals – regarding

            Please refer to the above. Also refer to ITEF’s letter dated 7-6-2013 requesting to constitute a committee including representatives of three service associations in the department for implementing the Cadre Restructuring-2013 & ITGOA’s letter dated 17-6-2013 requesting for a representation in the Core-Committee and all the sub-committees that were to be formed. 

2.         With regard to the above, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that on 19-6-2013 O/o HRD has constituted a Core Committee of 10 persons without any representation from ITEF and ITGOA which together account for more than 95% of the work-force in the department. Further it has been reliably learnt from the field formation that CBDT had instructed the Cadre Controlling Authorities to suggest the name of one Officer and one Official from each region for inclusion of their names in the Subcommittees at National level with a rider that such officer or official should not be an office bearer or having any connection with ITEF & ITGOA. Here, it is pertinent to highlight that when a Committee was formed in 2008 to suggest & formulate this very Cadre Restructuring Proposal, representatives of this ITEF & ITGOA was included not only in the main committee but also in all the sub-committees. Therefore, it is not only surprising but causing great anguish from the fact that the Board has chosen to ignore the JCA (comprising of ITEF and ITGOA) while constituting the committees for implementing the Cadre Restructuring – 2013, especially when a a commitment was given to include representatives of ITEF & ITGOA in such committees, during the meeting of PGRM held on 22-2-2013.                                                                                                        

3.         Your good self will appreciate that the contributions of ITEF & ITGOA was significant, both in finalising the proposal and during the process of its approval by the Government.  The order constituting the Committee was placed for a few hours in the Website of IRS Officers only ( and not in department’s official website (   and its removal from the site only strengthen our belief that the intention of the authorities is not bonafide and the implementation of Cadre Restructuring will be far-away from the spirit of the original proposal. In this context, it may be kindly noted that before taking any policy decision relating to service matters, formal discussion with recognized Service Association (ITEF & ITGOA) is a pre-requisite.    

4.         We wish to bring to your kind notice that the above decision of CBDT i.e. to keep the recognized service associations viz. ITEF & ITGOA whose members constitute more than 95% of the entire work-force of the I.T. Dept., outside the committee is causing total discontentment in the rank and file of our members and this does not forebode well for a conducive working atmosphere much needed for achieving the goal of the Department.

5.         Your good self is therefore requested, to take immediate steps such as to reconstitute the Core Committee at Board level with the inclusion of Representatives of ITEF & ITGOA and also re-issue instructions to the Chief Commissioners (CCA) to include only such members who are nominated by ITEF and ITGOA in Committees at all levels.  We would also like to mention that in pursuit of our legitimate rights, JCA (comprising of ITEF & ITGOA) will not flinch from adopting any stand or step including non-cooperation in general and in implementing Cadre Restructuring, in particular. 

                                               Thanking you,

                                              Yours faithfully,

         Sd/                                                                                   Sd/

Rajesh D Menon.                                                          K.P.Rajagopal

Joint Convenor                                                        Joint Convenor

 Copy Submitted to the Secretary (Revenue), Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, New Delhi with a request to issue necessary instruction to the Central Board of Direct Taxes to include the representatives of the two Service Associations in the Committee for considering suggestions and smooth implementation of the Restructuring of the Department.

Copy to The Director General of Income Tax (HRD), CBDT, ICADR Building, Vasant Kunj,New Delhi for information.

F.No. A -11013/1/2013 –Ad.VII

Government of India/ Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Direct Taxes

New Delhi,31st May,2013

All Chief Commissioners of Income Tax

All the Directors General of Income Tax


Subject. Additional Manpower for the Income Tax Department.

Sir/ Madam,

I am directed to state that the Government has approved, as per decision taken in cabinet meeting held on 23rd May, 2013 (Minutes issued on 27th May, 2013), additional manpower for the Income Tax Department in various cadres as per Annex A of this communication. These posts are created in addition to the existing posts as per restructuring of the Department vide F.No.A-11013/3/98-Ad.VII dated 24th October,2000 and 7051 additional posts created vide order F.No.A-11013/3/2006-Ad.VII dated 20.11.2006.

2.         All the additional post at the different levels as per Annex A stand created with effect from 23rd May,2013(the date of Cabinet Meeting ). These posts shall be filled up in accordance with the Cabinet approval in the following manner:-

i           The 166 additional regular posts and 620 additional reserve posts at the level of Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax and 563 vacancies arising in the grade due to promotions to higher grade will be filled up equally by promotion and direct recruitment.  Therefore the additional 1349 posts created at this level will be filled over a period of 5 years with 270 post per year being filled in the next four years and 269 posts being filled in the fifth year. Every year these posts will be filled by promotion and direct recruitment in equal proportion.

ii          The cabinet has permitted, as a one- time measure, filling up of the additional posts that are to be filled by promotion immediately without awaiting amendments in the recruitment rules on the basis of the model recruitments rules issued by DOPT. Accordingly the process of filling up of all the additional posts that are to be filled by promotion shall be initiated immediately on the basis of the model recruitment rules issued by the DoPT without awaiting amendment in the recruitment rules of the relevant post(s).

iii  The cabinet has also approved the filing up of the additional posts in the HAG+ with all the existing CCsIT being placed in the HAG+ directly and thereafter DPC being conduted to place 26 of these CCsIT in the Apex grade. Instructions regarding promotions/ placement of the officers in the posts in HAG + and Apex scales shall be issued separately.

3.The region –wise/ charge –wise distribution of the posts at various levels will be intimated separately. Revised sanctioned strength will be notified in the recruitment rules in due course.

4. This issue in pursuance to the approval of the cabinet conveyed vide Cabinet Secretariat Note No.20/CM/2013(i) dated May 27th, 2013.

Yours sincerely

(SK Lohani)

                         Joint Secretary to the Government of India    



F.No.A. 11013/1/2013.Ad.VII

Government of India/Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Direct Taxes

Annex A

Additional Posts to be created in various grades in the Income Tax Department

Sl.No Name of the Post Pay Scale Additional posts created
1. Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Rs 80,000 (fixed)


2 Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Rs 75,500-80000


3 Principal Commissioner of Income Tax Rs 67000-79000


4 Commissioner of Income Tax 37,400-67000+ grade pay of Rs 10000


5 Additional/Joint Commissioner of Income Tax 37,400-67000+grade pay of Rs 870015600-39100 + grade pay of Rs 7600


6 Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax 15600-39100 + grade pay of Rs 6600


7 Asstt. Commissioner of Income Tax 15600-39100 + grade pay of Rs 5400


8 Reserves (Group Á’ 15600-39100 = grade payd of Rs 5400


9 Income Tax Officer 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs 4800/5400


10 Principal Administrative Officer 15600-39100 + grade pay of Rs  6600


11 Administrative Officer Grade II 9300-34800 +grade pay of Rs 4800


12 Administrative Officer Grade III 9300-34800 +grade pay of Rs 4200


12 Senior Private Secretary 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs 4800


13 Private Secretary 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs 4200


14 Inspector of Income Tax 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs 4600


15 Executive Assistant # 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs 4200


16 TA/Steno III/Driver 5200-20200 + grade pay of Rs 2400


17 Notice Server/LDC/Driver 5200-20200 + grade pay of Rs 1900


18 Other Posts in Group C 5200-20200 + grade pay of Rs 1800


19 Deputy Director (EDP) 15600-39100 + grade pay of Rs  6600


20 Assistant EDP/Additional Assistant Director (EDP) 15600-39100 + grade pay of Rs  54009300-34800 + grade pay of Rs  5400


21 DPA Grade B 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs  4200


22 DOA Grade Ä” 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs  4200


23 Deputy Director (OL) 15600-39100 + grade pay of Rs  6600


24 Assistant Director (OL) 15600-39100 + grade pay of Rs  5400


25 Senior Hindi Translator 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs  4600


26 Junior Hindi Translator 9300-34800 + grade pay of Rs  4200



@ 116 existing posts of CCIT in HAG will also be redesignated as Principal CIT. The Total posts of Principal CIT will therefore be 300

*These posts stands abolished

#The post comprises the existing grades of Senior Tax Assistant, Office Superintendent, Stenographer Grade I and DEO which stand merged.



 Joint Secretary to the Government of India

Note by SG,ITEF: The Discrepancies in respect of grade pay of certain cadres in the above Annex are being pointed out for correction.



DA ORDER  raising the DA from 72 to 80% with effect from. 1.1.2013.


Manishinath Bhawan

A2/95 Rajourigarden, New Delhi-27

No. N-1/12-15                                                                         Dated: 4th March,2013


Ms. Archana Ranjan,

Director General of Income Tax (HRD)

ICADR Building, Vasant Kunj,

New Delhi.



Sub:     Fixation of Pay consequent upon 6th Pay Commission Recommendations in the cadres of Inspectors/PAs/AOs- Regarding-

Ref:      F.No. HRD/CMD/175/9/2010-11/3740 dated 22nd March, 2012.

            This has reference to the above letter addressed to the Chief Commissioners of Income Tax (CCA), on the subject.  We are thankful for taking up the issue with the Department of Expenditure for getting their advice in the above matter as also for conveying the approval of the Chairperson, CBDT, the intention and provisions under which the recoveries can be waived in certain genuine cases.

            Nevertheless we would like to bring to your kind notice that the clarifications conveyed by the Dept. of Expenditure do not address the main issue referred by us  viz. fixation of pay of persons promoted between 01.01.2006 and 31.08.2008.  Nor the gesture of waiver of the recovery covers  such cases.  The clarification now conveyed is only in respect of fixation of pay as on 1.1.2006.  In almost all cases the fixation has been done in the same manner conveyed by the DOE now.  The stepping up of pay in case of anomaly in the pay of promoted seniors and the Directly Recruited juniors is also in conformity with the instructions already issued.

            However, we have taken up more emphatically the issue of fixation of Pay of persons promoted between 01.01.2006 and 31.08.2008.  In such cases the fixation was made in accordance with the clarification issued by the DOE in UO No. 10/1/2009-IC dated 14.12.2009 in the case of similarly placed Assistants/PAs of CSS/CSSS promoted after 1.1.2006. The same clarification was again endorsed by the DOPT when references were made by various Ministries/Departments vide No. 7/7/08-CS.I(A) dated 22nd December, 2010. (copy enclosed for ready reference).  Vide Point C of the said clarification the DOE  has clarified the issue as under:

(C) The manner of fixation of pay of officials promoted as Assistants/PAs between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008-

In the case of Government Servants who were promoted as Assistants/PAs between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008, their pay will be fixed as per the option exercised by them.  In terms of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, they have the option to (i) either have their pay fixed w.e.f. 1.1.2006 with reference to the lower scale which they were holding as on 1.1.2006, or (ii) from the date of promotion which took place after 1.1.2006; in such cases, their pay will be fixed with reference to the fitment table of the higher pay scale, however, they will not be entitled to arrears of pay from 1.1.2006 till the date of option.

Accordingly in the case of Officials who were promoted as Assistants/Pas between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008, they have the option to have their pay fixed w.e.f 1.1.2006 with reference to the pre-revised scale of the lower grade i.e. UDC/Steno ‘D.  In such cases, on the date of their promotion, their pay will be fixed by granting them one increment in the pay band (subject to the minimum pay in the pay band being Rs 9300) and grade pay of Rs 4600.

Alternatively, they can opt to have their pay fixed from the date of promotion with reference to the fitment table of the ungraded pay scale i.e. pre-revised scale of Rs 7450-11500, in which case, they shall not be entitled to arrears of pay from 1.1.2006 till the date of option.

            Invariably in all the cases of persons promoted between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008 fixation was made in the above manner, even forgoing their entitled arrears from 1.1.2006 till the date of their promotion.   This is being objected to by the Zonal Accounts Offices in all places and resorted recovery of the alleged excess payment. 

The Zonal Accounts Officers are objecting to the fixation made in the case of personnel of this Department promoted between 01.01.2006 and 31.08.2008 on the ground that the above clarification was issued in the case of CSS/CSSS only and that fixation formula cannot be applied in our case.  Therefore, the matter has to be taken up again with the Department of Expenditure for allowing the Fixation of pay of persons promoted between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2006 applying the ratio  of clarification referred above, issued in the case of Assistants/PAs or CSS. 

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

(KP Rajagopal)

Secretary General




Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Expenditure


New Delhi, the 7th January, 2013




Subject:- Fixation of pay on promotion to a post carrying higher duties and responsibilities but carrying the same grade pay.


The undersigned is directed to invite an attention to the provisions contained in Rule 13 of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, which provides for the method of fixation of pay on promotion on or after 1.1.2006 in case. inter-alia, of promotion from one grade pay to another. The Rule provides for fixation of pay by way of addition of one increment equal to 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay (rounded off to the next multiple of 10)to the existing pay in the pay band and then fixing the pay in the promotional post as per the procedure prescribed therein.

2. In terms of this Ministry’s OM No. 169/2/2000-IC dated 24.11.2000, dealing with the situation whereby both the feeder and the promotional grades were placed in the identical revised pay scales based on the recommendations of the 5th Central Pay Commission, it was provided, inter-alia, that only in cases where it was not found feasible to appropriately restructure cadres in question on functional, operational and administrative considerations, extension of the benefit of fixation of pay under FR 22(I)(a)(1) could be considered on the merits of each case, provided all the conditions precedent for the grant of this benefit were fully satisfied and promotion to the post in question actually involved assumption of higher responsibilities.

3. In view of the provisions which existed prior to 1.12006., the matter has been considered and the President is pleased to decide that in cases of promotion from one post to another where the promotional post carries the same Grade Pay as the feeder post, the fixation of pay in such cases will be done in the manner as prescribed in Rule 13(i) of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, provided fixation of pay in such cases was done prior to 1.1.2006 in terms of this Ministry’s aforesaid OM No.169/2/2000-IC dated 24 11.2000.

4. In so far as the persons serving the Indian Audit and Account Department are concerned, these orders are issued in consultation with the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.


5. The Hindi version of this OM will follow.



(Amar Nath Singh)

Deputy Secretary to the Government of India








                                                                        AGRAHAYANA 16, 1934(SAKA)

Manpower Shortage in IT Department


2399. SHRI. P.K.BIJU


Will the Minister of Finance be pleased to state:


a) whether there is an acute manpower shortage in the Income Tax Department

b)  if so, the details thereof;

c)   whether the shortage of manpower is hindering the black money detetion and proper scrutiny of      returns of Income.

d) whether the Government has received any proposal to augment the manpower shortage in the Income Tax Department: and

e) if so, the details thereof and the action taken thereon?







(a)   & (b) The Sanctioned and working strength of the officers / staff in the Income Tax Department / Directors as on 31.3.2012


Sanctioned Strength

Working Strength






C:) The Investigation Directorates , Intelligence and Criminal Investigation Directorate and Central Charges of the Income Tax Department are facing acute work force shortage  which is hampering their effective functioning.

d) & e) : A proposal for cadre restructuring of Income Tax Department is under process separately.




A-2/95, Manishinath Bhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110 027

President: Ashok B Salunkhe                                 Secretary General: K.P. Rajagopal

No. AO-1-28/12-15                                                                             Dated: Ist June, 2012.

Dear Comrades,

            The Board has approved the provision of Six Air Conditioners for the staff in each Range Offices.  Only 50% of the Ranges will be covered during the current year. All the CCsIT (CCA) have been asked to identify the ranges and send the proposals in the proforma circulated to them.  The Circle General Secretaries of ITEF are requested to coordinate with the Administration in selecting the ranges and sending the proposals for approval.  It may also be ensured that this provision of Air Conditioning for staff is not diverted in any way to any other purposes. The communication sent to each CCIT (CCA) separately by the Board is placed below.

            Similarly the CBDT has also sanctioned Rs 5 lakh  each to 309 small stations for creating infrastructure improvement (click flash news for the orders).  Both these items are part of the suggestions made by the ITEF for utilisation of the 1% infrastructure fund.  Therefore, Circle General Secretaries/Branch secretaries are requested to closely involve and monitor the implementation and ensure that the funds allocated for the above purposes are not diverted to any purposes other than creating infrastructure for the staff.

            With greetings,


Yours fraternally, 

KP Rajaglopal,

Secretary General.


All General Secretaries,






      Com.C.Subramanian Veteran Comrade C. Subramanian breathed his last on 05.04.2012 at 8.15PM. He was 86. The  Condolence function will be held at Aayakar Bhawan, 121, Mahatma Gadhi Road, Chennai on 12th April 2012 at  1.PM

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